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Tax Incentives

Support our National Goal of Energy Independence.

We can help you find the latest in Federal and State Grants, Local/Utility rebates, Tax Incentives, and other opportunities to help save additional dollars on your energy costs.

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Savings up to 100% of your total domestic hot water needs

With all the talk about thermal solar systems, solar panels, energy savings, renewable energy and other solar engergy savings terms, it's hard to know which way to turn. Star Dust Electric can help answer your questions and get you pointed in the right direction so you too can capture the energy savings and begin harvesting the power of the sun.

Earthnet Energy Thermal Solar collectors produce one of the highest BTU outputs in the market. This leads to less weight per square foot and a smaller footprint. The ENE customized collector captures more of the sun's energy. Collectors can be roof or ground mounted and are great for residential, commercial and agricultural uses. Estimated energy savings can be up to 100% of your total domestic hot water needs.

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Electrical Services

Whether you are a building contractor or a homeowner, you deserve reliable electrical services. Our team of electricians will go above...

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